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Drumming circle

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mom, dad, I'm going to become a professional jieba drummer when I grow up. Forget about all the scientifical biomedical research geneticist science surgeon mumbo jumbo. This was THE coolest thing ever!!!!!! After we got back from shark alley, we went to our host's home for dinner, and there was drumming omming from the inside as we walked in. the music was really cool! We then each got a drum, and soon we started to learn to create different sounds and different rythms. The only down part was that my hands hurt like crazy afer all the drumming! They were literally throbbing red! Soon we started to incorperate cow bells, bead shakers, and dancers. yup! Dnacers! And guess who got to go dance? MR.COCHRANE. Hahaha it was really funny how embarrassed he was, but a few others went up with him, I was on the cow bell, and we had 2 different beats going while they all danced. It was amazingly fun!!!!!!!!!! Then dinner was phenonomal with vegtable soup, meat pie with chicken and beef, creamed corn, butternut squash, yellow rice and raisins. And for dessert, we had this cake pudding substance with warm melter custard over it. Bon appetite!

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The Magills said...

Will you teach me when you get home? Kristi

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