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SHARK DIVE!!!!!!! Pt. 2

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ok so today we had to be up by 6:20 and get on the coach (bus) for a two hour ride to SHARK ALLEY! I fell asleep on the bus ride, as did everyone else, but woke up the latest and apparently missed some of the most natural and beautiful scenery! I woke up just in time though to see a couple small waterfalls, gigantious mountains, exotic shrubbery, and the sun rising over it all. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Of course I tried taking pictures, and of course a majority didn't turn out right. (:

Then we reached the ocean. I hadn't seen the ocean, let alone any other body of water besides my brother's bath water, in what felt like 12 trillion years, so I was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited to finally see it again after have been raised by the ocean when I was younger. IT WAS A W E S O M E. Not like the 'heeey duude!' Type awesome, like the fancy and mature form of the word type awesome. The deep blue waves were small and rolled into the dark rocks with no sense of form, then crashing with a woosh and melting into white clouded sea foam. And I'm dead serious. It was that poetically shown.

After being hypnotized for a few seconds, we went inside to get our waivers turned in (yes, my mommy signed my life away) and ate some breakfast there. I had coca puffs. The last time I had those, I choked on them. I honestly don't know why I did choose to eat them, I just did. :) I also had some poppy seed bread and milk.

Then we went off to get an educational lecture about the great white sharks. Joy. Suprisingly, it was quite entertaining! Did you know that female sharks are BIGGER than the male sharks? Well I auctcally did but it was intersting to see how much everyone learned!

then, it was time to dive. I wasn't scared at all! It was just the fact that I was motion sickened that made it terrible. I felt more terrible than any plane flight combined! It was really really really really really really really bad. But it was all worth it when we got in the cage! It was probably the only thing that I never thought I'd ever do! But was completly worth the motion sickness!

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aaa said...

Do you still have enough fingers to operating your I-touch? Adam wants to have it.

Mads said...

omgsh! you should right a poetry book. it would be the only one i would actually read on my own!! it sounds so beautiful!!!! i cant believe that you were like not even scared! that is awesome!!! wow, brave girl!
luv madi

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