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Fw: Motion sickness

Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Subject: Motion sickness

Now before you get all grossed out, we are supposed to talk about the trip, and so far, motionsickness was a huge part of my trip! The plane flights were fine, but I was still getting sick! My dotor gave me this me medication that is supposed to help kemo therapy patients with not getting nausuea after their treatments, and obviously enough, it doesn't work for me! I must have some genetic disorder with taking motion sickness meication, because the sea bands don't work for me, the patches don't either, and unless I sleep the entire flight, I'm guaranteed to get sick! This last flight though from johannasburg to cape town, was perfect!!!!!! Why?? I slept through the whole thing! Sure it was two hrs only, but that beats getting sick on a 10 hour flight from chiago to frankfurt!!! Right now, I'm just glad were done flying fora while....

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aaa said...

Hi, do not blam your parents for YOUR motionsickness. :-)

Cinserely said...

Hi Iman - it's Ms. Watson here! Congrats on your honorable trip that you are taking. I have to tell you though . . . I remember a particular "Floating Lab" field trip that your mom chaperoned on. She got terrible motion sickness . . . so you might be able to blame it on genetics! Tee Hee!
Travel safely and I look forward to reading your blog!
Cindy Watson ( :

kashmolah said...

Hello Iman, its Ammo Ghazi & Ama! We are verrrrry proud of you. Post some photos.

No worries about this missing toothbrush, just eat something crunchy like an apple or some celery ...natures' toothbrush! Can't wait to read more about your adventure. More news at 11:00? :-)

Love you

Mads said...

Hey Girl!! Its Madi!! I hope that you are having a fabulous trip! maybe you just have a.....MUTATION!!!!

i love you!!

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