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Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Sanccob is a penguin/sea bird hospital in cape town."

The minute I heard that, I drifted off into heaven. I've always wanted to do something in the medicine field (or play the jiebe) and I absolutly LOVE penguins!

They do have a volunteer program, and you can intern there. They showed us how to feed the sick penguins, their cute little swimming pool for excersize, and the medications and vitamins they give them.

Guess what? I HELD A PENGUIN!!!! I HELD A PENGUIN!!!! I HALD A PENGUIN!!!! Well, auctcally two!!! One, an old maccorini penguin that had washed up on the shore, and another african penguin, that had catarax and could never be released. It was awesome!!!!! Imm defintally going to go back!!

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Mads said...

wow! are geese considered sea birds? cuz i hope that you didn't hold one of those!! lol. they are so precious!!!

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